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You will be absorbed in your thoughts this week, in self-exploration mode. Do not expect much from people around you, as you will not be in the mood to spend time with others. You will perform well at work, and you may get some incentive as a reward for your performance. Those looking for a job might get lucky and get a call for an interview. You will be confident and ready to take on challenges.


In love and relationship, patience is the key; go with the flow, do not rush. The home environment will be harmonious, and understanding with your partner will improve. You may face some work-related stress this week. Be careful with finances’ unexpected loss of money or possessions is indicated. Control your temper, as it may hamper your performance and position at the workplace. Be careful about making investments in assists this week.


You will be enthusiastic and focused on finishing your tasks at work. If you start a new venture at this time, it will give profits in the near future. Job seekers will hear good news about the job they have applied for. However, there appear to be some difficulties on the domestic front. There could be disagreements with your partner leaving you anxious and frustrated. You may face some health issues. 


This week you may feel discontent and dissatisfied as people around you will not be cooperative. You may get stressed because of some unknown fear. Nothing seems to work in your favour. You are advised to take care of your health and avoid overworking. It is advisable that you practice meditation. Read all the documents carefully before signing any contract or business deal. Avoid making investments. 


Lack of attention from your partner might create differences in your relationship and make your partner feel sad and lonely. Unresolved issues from the past might adversely affect your relationship. You will perform well at your work and achieve beyond expectations. You may expect some reward in terms of a bonus or increment. Weigh your words carefully, as you may end up hurting people around you.


Social events and family get-togethers will keep you busy this week. You will enjoy happy and enjoyable moments with your partner. You will meet and interact with new people, increasing your social circle. You are advised to consult the elders before taking a crucial decision. Stay focused towards your goal, and you will succeed. You might be given additional responsibilities; however, overworking might tire you physically and mentally.


You will share a close emotional bond with your partner. They will be supportive and understanding. Establish healthy boundaries for mutual respect. However, you could feel negativity around you at the workplace as someone might go against you. Control your temper, focus on your task, and don’t get distracted. You may be in a hurry to finish your task, and therefore, you may some mistakes.


Your connection with your partner will be warm and loving. Single may expect to find a good match. You will have the strength to overcome problems and issues in your domestic life. You have to be careful about your money and finances. If you have given someone money, it might be difficult to retrieve it. You are also advised to postpone any important financial decision. 


A good time is indicated on the professional as well as personal front. Things will go as planned, and you can expect a positive outcome from any recent initiative. Love bonds will likely grow stronger. There could be positive news about your relationship- a proposal, engagement or marriage. Work-wise, the week looks promising. Long-awaited contracts or documents will be signed, and financial deals will materialise. 


You may face some health issues resulting from overwork and tiredness. You need a break; give rest to your mind and body. Your family will be supportive and helpful. There could be a job change, or you may start a new venture. Projects will gain momentum but don’t be hasty in making career-led decisions. Watch your expenses and avoid spending money on things you don’t need. 


Avoid being involved in unnecessary arguments at home as it may affect you and the home environment negatively. You may need to put extra attention on domestic affairs, like your connection with your partner and kids’ studies. You may face loss in business; it is advised not to invest or give money to someone. Donate some money to charity. Job seekers will have to wait for some time to find a suitable job. 


There will be positive vibes around you, and you will feel happy to be around your loved ones. You will have a good time with your friends and family. Home improvement and shopping for home decor are also on the cards. Your hard work will bring success. Your colleagues will be helpful and supportive in the execution of your business plans. You may consider investing in real estate or property as it may bring fortune in future. Listen to the advice of the elders.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)


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