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‘What about electoral bonds?’ MK Stalin on Finance Minister’s ‘no money’ remark

‘What about electoral bonds?’ MK Stalin on Finance Minister’s ‘no money’ remark


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK chief MK Stalin on Friday took a jibe at Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman after she said she will not contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as she did not have the required funds.

He raked up the money the BJP received through the electoral bonds scheme and said Sitharaman “escaped” contesting because she realised people would “teach her a lesson”.

Referring to the Finance Minister, MK Stalin said, “Her name was not there in the candidate list. You know what reason she gave for not contesting elections? She says she has no money to contest elections. What happened to the money the BJP got through electoral bonds? Did they (BJP) tell you they can’t give you money (to contest elections)?”

Speaking at a TV news channel’s event on Wednesday, March 27, Nirmala Sitharaman said she declined the BJP’s offer to contest elections as he did not have the “kind of fund” required to contest the Lok Sabha polls.

“After thinking for a week or ten days, I went back to say, ‘Maybe not’. I do not have that kind of money to contest. I also have a problem whether it is Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu,” she had said.

MK Stalin said for a person to contest elections, they would need to meet people and work for them, then suggested that Nirmala Sitharaman did not follow this.

“If you have to contest elections, you need to meet people, and you need to work for them. You need to have genuine care and concern for the people. She (Nirmala Sitharaman) realises that people will teach her a lesson, and so she escaped,” said the DMK chief.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister also slammed the Finance Minister and said she called the financial assistance given by the state government to those affected by floods as “alms”.

“Respected Nirmala Sitharaman, come and meet the people at least once. Their response will make you forget about the word ‘alms’,” said MK Stalin.

The DMK chief also trained his guns on Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder S Ramadoss and Prime Minister Narendra Modi while campaigning for his party. The BJP and the PMK had recently finalised a seat-sharing agreement in Tamil Nadu for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“Dr Ramadoss who speaks about social justice has gone with the BJP, which is against social justice. The BJP’s ideology is the exact opposite to that of the PMK. Even PMK workers are upset about the alliance. We all know how the alliance was formed. It’s not a big secret,” said MK Stalin.

He alleged that the PMK founder formed an alliance with the BJP despite being “not very happy” about it.

“PMK in its manifesto says they will ask for a census and caste survey to be taken. But did they ask why PM Modi has not undertaken this exercise during his regime? Has the PM accepted this demand even now? Modi keeps talking about guarantees now. Did he guarantee you that the caste-based census would take place?” asked MK Stalin.

He said the Congress included a caste survey in its poll promise and asked if the BJP made any such promise.

MK Stalin also slammed PM Modi for the security measures taken to prevent the protesting farmers from entering Delhi and said nail beds were placed on roads.

“No Indian PM or any dictator in the world would have done this,” he added.

MK Stalin continued his attack on PM Modi and said he wanted to “keep all the power like a dictator”.

“When he was Gujarat Chief Minister, he used to speak about state rights. But when he came to power at the Centre, the powers of states are being taken away. He wants to keep all the power in his pocket like a dictator. PM Modi, you are not the owner. People are your owner,” said the DMK chief.

His remarks comes ahead of the Lok Sabha elections which will be held in seven phases from April 19 to June 1. Tamil Nadu, which has 39 Lok Sabha seats, will vote in a single phase on April 19. Votes will be counted on June 4.

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