Woman Shows Simple Hack To Chill Water Without Electricity, Internet Is Shocked

Are you aware of this viral no-fridge water cooling hack? (Photo: Instagram/divyasinha266)

Through social media, we can access informative videos from all parts of the world. Coming closer to home, one video on Instagram has gone viral from an Indian village, showcasing an easy, quick, and effective hack to chill water without any refrigerator or electricity. The viral video, with more than a million views on Instagram, has been posted by popular video creator Divya Sinha (@divyasinha266), who is beloved by her followers for her simplicity, impressive camera presence, and her content.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Sinha shared the video and mentioned that today she will be revealing some clever village secrets or hacks. She continued that while most people in cities use a fridge to chill their water, in their village, they have turned an ordinary plastic bottle into a “fridge” or a self-cooling water bottle. She then moves the camera and shows a plastic bottle covered in a wet cloth, hanging from a tree. She adds that within 10 to 15 minutes, the water in this bottle will automatically become cold. She explains that when the bottle is wrapped in a wet cloth and exposed to air, it cools down the water inside.

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This occurs as the water in the cloth evaporates and pulls away any heat from inside the bottled water. The video creator adds, “Gaon ke log aise hi intelligent hote hain” [Village people are quite intelligent in this way]. She credited this clever hack to her younger brother.

Viewers were impressed with this water-cooling hack. Here are some reactions:

“Nice didi…how great of you to happily offer solutions to any problems, this is why people in villages are amazing,” a user wrote. “Wow, so organic,” another added.

An Instagram user shared their experience, “Didi when I used to live in Delhi and did not have a fridge then I also used to enjoy chilled water with this hack.” An impressed viewer wrote, “I don’t live in a village but I really appreciate the village atmosphere and heartwarming people.”

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Do you like this quick and no-fridge water-cooling hack? Share with us in the comments section.

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